in the best way, you'll be the death of me.
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Jun.12.21 - hi
krisho: (Junhong)

hey there c:

i'm francine from the philippines. i am thirteen fourteen fifteen!! SIXTEEN??? seventeen (how ?) years old, born at 06/12, and i have the socialization skills of an awkward seal.

if you ask me what happiness is... )

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i'm too good at leaving love.
kris/suho; past!lay/suho — nc-17 — angst — language, sexual content — 23569 words
post disbandment!fic. "I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself there."

say the song, life goes on )
krisho: (Junhong)
let your whole world fall.
kris/suho — pg-15 — angst — language — 21795 words
trust is not a broken plate that can be made more beautiful by attempting to fix the cracks.

could you fall down a little harder? )
Oct.28.14 - wake me up.
krisho: (Junhong)
wake me up.
kris/suho — nc-17 — angst — 1638 words
he's had longer nights.

Read more... )
krisho: (Junhong)
i don't feel so alone.
kris/suho — pg-13 — angst — 2077 words
he spends hours at night, welcoming the longing for a shadow, the phantom touches and sweet words.

oh darling, i wish you were here. )
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