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killing me softly.

killing me softly.
kyungsoo/xiumin — nc-17 — smut — bdsm(ish) themes — 2313 words
tonight, however, it's quite different.

Kyungsoo hates it when it's Minseok's night. He hates the feeling of going home and not knowing what his partner has planned out for him, what he's planning to do to him. Then again, he has no right to complain when he was the one who begged Minseok to touch him one night, do something different, bring a spark to their slowly-dying flame.

He didn't expect Minseok to take the necktie he wore to work that day and tie Kyungsoo's wrists together. He didn't expect Minseok to press his lips against Kyungsoo's neck and give him a sadistic smile, waiting for Kyungsoo to back out and tell him that he's okay with whatever they have now and it's fine for them to go back to normal, slightly boring, totally acceptable life.

But then Kyungsoo asked for more, and Minseok started begging too, and they slowly developed a system for their "nights," and it became routine, just like everything else.

But each night was different, and they were different too. Sometimes Kyungsoo played hard-to-get, not letting Minseok peel away his defenses until he's a whimpering mess on Minseok's lap. Sometimes Minseok was a tease, making Kyungsoo feel so much and then stepping away, letting his body absorb all the pleasure before he goes back to making Kyungsoo lose his mind.

Sometimes, it's Kyungsoo who takes control, but he loves being dominated by Minseok. He never let anyone manhandle him like that, touch him like that, control him like that. But when it came to Minseok, he melted beneath his fingertips, just like that, Kyungsoo.

Tonight, however, it's quite different. Kyungsoo enjoys seeing Minseok's expression, the silent pleasure on his face as he watches Kyungsoo suck one, two, three fingers inside him, or that soft look in his eyes after they're both done, just staring at each other as they attempt to clean up while battling the lethargy seeping into their bones. Kyungsoo loves the planes of his defined body, the sharpness of his eyes, the flush all over his body, the depth of his fingers digging into Kyungsoo's thighs. Perfect, everything is perfect when it comes to Minseok.

"I'll take care of you, I promise," Minseok whispers as he ties the blindfold behind Kyungsoo's head. The younger male is shaking, not really enjoying the darkness and the lack of Minseok's everything flooding all of his senses, from taste to touch to smell to hearing and especially sight. He wants all of Minseok, and he feels lost without seeing the small, reassuring smile on his face before he proceeds to driving Kyungsoo crazy with pleasure.

"It's your night. I understand," Kyungsoo says weakly, still not ready to admit that he's scared.

"Do we need a safe word tonight?" asks Minseok.

"It depends. Do you think we'll need one?"

"Just to be sure, yeah?" Kyungsoo nods. "What is it then?" Minseok asks, and Kyungsoo faintly hears the sound of the drawer being opened, so that must mean he's bringing out the condom and lube this early into the night. Hopefully, this will be over soon.

"Baekhyun," says Kyungsoo. He ignores the sudden snort from Minseok.

"Why him, of all people?"

"Because I'm a thousand percent sure it's not his name I'll be screaming if I'm ever enjoying something," Kyungsoo says flatly. Minseok laughs, kissing Kyungsoo softly on the cheek. There's something so comforting about having Minseok this close to him, even if he still can't see anything. At least Minseok's here. At least he has Minseok.

That's when Minseok decides to pull away, and Kyungsoo shivers at the cool air meeting his skin. He wants to beg Minseok to come back, to touch him again because he's honestly scared without him. What he gets is a pair of the softest lips he's ever felt on his, light and teasing and just like Minseok. It's nice like this, a little interlude before Minseok really gets started.

Minseok runs his hands over Kyungsoo's bare chest, and Kyungsoo can practically see the smile on his face as he shudders in pleasure. It's strange; the slightest touch from Minseok can cause such a reaction from Kyungsoo, something he can't even control anymore.

Minseok kisses down his neck, fleeting, teasing, absolutely mind-numbing. Kyungsoo wants more, whines and pleads silently, as if he's being gagged with pleasure too.

"Say something. I like hearing you say what you feel," whispers Minseok. Kyungsoo lets out a broken gasp at the breath against his ear, and Minseok tugs at the lobe gently with his teeth. "I like hearing you gasp and moan and whimper for me. I like hearing your reactions to what I do to you, if you like being touched as much as I love touching you."

Kyungsoo almost laughs, starting to become dizzy with all of the sensations at once. Minseok's hand is still on the sliding up and down the sides of his torso. Minseok sucks hard on a spot near his shoulder, careful to choose an area that'll generally be covered by Kyungsoo's clothes. The younger male searches for something to hold onto, an arm or a pillow or anything that can ground him. Minseok pulls away completely again, causing Kyungsoo to whine softly.

"Minseok," he pleads, hips stuttering upwards slightly at the realization that he's already half-hard. Minseok hasn't even touched him down there, but he's already starting to beg. Now he understands why Minseok blindfolded him; all of his other senses are heightened, and it makes everything feel so much better.

He hears movement to his left, and he anticipates something, though he doesn't know what. Suddenly, Minseok caresses the side of his face and sucks hard on his collarbone. Kyungsoo has no time to react before Minseok moves and kisses a trail down his chest. He licks and sucks and kisses, paying special attention to the area around Kyungsoo's nipples without actually touching the nub.

Kyungsoo's throbbing and wet by now, and he doesn't mean to thrust up as soon as Minseok's chin accidentally touches the bulge in his sweatpants. Minseok pins his hips down, sucking at the skin right above his hipbones.

"Minseok, please," Kyungsoo whispers, scared to say more or else his voice will crack, showing just how needy he really is. It's already enough for him to submitting so easily to Minseok; they both know how much they want this, and words are just unnecessary.

"Please, what?" Apparently, Minseok isn't on the same wavelength as he is. He climbs back up to nip on Kyungsoo's earlobe. "Tell me."

"Touch me, damn it," he grunts, not wanting to say any more. Minseok chuckles, licking a stripe up the side of his neck while his hands wander at the waistband of his sweatpants. Kyungsoo whimpers, holding his shoulders steady.

"Please," he whines, wishing that he could take off this damn blindfold to see what Minseok's expression is. He has no doubt that Minseok's enjoying this, but he gets a clear idea of it when he lifts his leg slightly and feels the bulge in his pants.

It infuriates Kyungsoo to feel cloth instead of heated skin, so he tugs on Minseok's shirt and hopes that he'll finally give Kyungsoo a break from all this torture. Minseok only laughs and kisses him on the lips, nibbling on his bottom lip until it's kiss-swollen and red and uncomfortable but so, so very good.

Kyungsoo feels the shift when Minseok finally complies with his silent begging, pulling down his sweatpants with his boxers slowly, still teasing Kyungsoo with tiny nips and kisses on his pale thighs. Kyungsoo feels fond for a second, happy that Minseok's actually considering his desires, that even if this is Minseok's night, Kyungsoo still has some sort of control in this little minuscule way.

It's sweet for about five seconds, and then Minseok spreads his hands over Kyungsoo's thighs and squeezes hard, making Kyungsoo gasp a little in surprise. It seems as if it's Minseok's personal mission to mark every inch of skin on Kyungsoo, and each bite and lick sends a jolt of pleasure straight to Kyungsoo's dick. Kyungsoo can't see it, but he feels the weight of himself on his stomach. He also feels the heavy panting on his slick thighs, the rising and falling of Minseok's chest as he struggles to control himself too.

"Minseok," he gasps, "Minseok, I want to see you."

Cool air hits his skin hard, and Kyungsoo yearns for the warmth and weight of Minseok against him. Did he say something wrong? He can't just leave him like this!

Minseok suddenly threads his fingers through Kyungsoo's hair and tugs hard. Kyungsoo grips the sheets, lips curving upwards in how good it feels. He's a little embarrassed, but it was worse when they were just watching TV on the couch and he screamed in surprise when Minseok pulled the strands of his hair slightly. He jumped away in bewilderment, shocked at his own response.

Ever since then, Minseok made it his mission to find out all of the little dormant kinks that Kyungsoo has, from hair pulling to spanking to biting. They've had a lot of light fun with those, but Minseok personally loves pulling Kyungsoo's hair at random times, the indignant squeak followed by a glare and a kiss on his cheek from Minseok.

Kyungsoo doesn't understand what's happening until he feels the wet tongue against the tip of his dick, licking and slowly slurping up the precome collected on it. Kyungsoo's toes curl at the sudden sensation, thrusting upwards when Minseok takes the head into his mouth.

He desperately, desperately wants to see Minseok right now, the way his plush lips would stretch over the dick in his mouth, the way he'd look up with hooded eyes as he slides up and down slowly, always teasing. The blindfold makes everything feel so much better though, and Kyungsoo is hypersensitive of every little movement that Minseok makes.

It's good until it becomes amazing, too amazing for Kyungsoo to realize that he's already coming down Minseok's throat with a choked-off scream, ignoring the way Minseok coughs slightly as he pulls away. Kyungsoo is too dazed, too tired after everything, and Minseok slips off the blindfold at last.

Kyungsoo opens his eyes and sees Minseok above him, breathing harshly as he jerks off on top of Kyungsoo quickly, biting his lip harder and harder as he comes closer to an orgasm. Kyungsoo cups his cheek and kisses him sloppily, all tongues and spit and teeth everywhere. Minseok drops his head beside Kyungsoo, moaning as he comes all over Kyungsoo's stomach.

They stay like that for a few more seconds before Minseok hops off the bed and tries to tug Kyungsoo down. "Shower now," he says.

"No," Kyungsoo whines. "I'm tired."

"And sticky and kind of disgusting." Kyungsoo finds the energy to glare at him. "Come on, shower with me."

"The fact that I'm disgusting right now is entirely your fault," Kyungsoo complains, but he doesn't resist when Minseok pulls him up and they walk slowly to the bathroom. Minseok presses Kyungsoo against a number of surfaces to kiss him before they make it to the shower, and even under the warm spray of water, Minseok can't seem to keep his hands off Kyungsoo.

He likes it though; being taken care of every now and then isn't entirely bad. It's especially good when Minseok's the one running soapy hands all over the planes of his body, making sure not to get any shampoo into his eyes, kissing his slowly heating skin until he's starting to get hard again and no, I'm too tired for another round, which leads to a round of Minseok teasing Kyungsoo for being old already while he still has the endurance of a perpetually horny teenage boy. Kyungsoo doesn't mind. Minseok can say whatever he wants, but he still has a picture of him wearing a dress per Kyungsoo's request for his birthday.

After they're done, MInseok goes ahead to brush his teeth. Kyungsoo slips on his boxers slowly, peeking at his partner from outside the bathroom. Minseok looks at him through the mirror and smiles even with the foam in his mouth.

Kyungsoo's overwhelmed with the need to kiss Minseok, hug him from behind to whisper in his ear that he loves him so much. Minseok's always encouraged him to talk more, to allow himself to express his emotions, but he's too scared that it's too soon, that two years of being together still isn't enough for some reason. There was a time when Kyungsoo was ready to say it, but they started drifting away and he was scared. Sex fixed things somehow, and they finally had some lame excuse of a relationship to put up with for the past few months.

But now Kyungsoo's ready again, and he doesn't know if Minseok's ready to hear it too.

He hugs Minseok from behind, pressing a kiss against his cheek awkwardly. Minseok rinses his mouth and smiles at Kyungsoo. "I'm going to bed," he whispers, and Kyungsoo nods. He brushes his teeth quickly, suddenly missing Minseok's warmth again.

When he slips under the blanket with Minseok, he expects the arm sliding over his waist. He expects the warm chest against his back, the steadiness of Minseok against him. It's nice how this is routine already, but Kyungsoo still loves every minute of it.

He expects the, "Good night," but he doesn't expect the, "I love you," from Minseok.

He doesn't expect to say "I love you" back.

Minseok smiles against his back, and Kyungsoo hides his grin under the cover of darkness. The next morning, he'll be able to say those three little words freely, and he'll hear it back, and nothing really changes. Three words don't change many things, but true feelings do, and Kyungsoo knows that what he has with Minseok is very, very real.


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iii need. a few moments.. a lo t of moments, actually
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I love this soooo much ❤ There are not enough xiusoo fics in the world, and this one was really great! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with us ❤