in the best way, you'll be the death of me.
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krisho: (Junhong)
i'm too good at leaving love.
kris/suho; past!lay/suho — nc-17 — angst — language, sexual content — 23569 words
post disbandment!fic. "I think you travel to search and you come back home to find yourself there."

say the song, life goes on )
Oct.28.14 - wake me up.
krisho: (Junhong)
wake me up.
kris/suho — nc-17 — angst — 1638 words
he's had longer nights.

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Oct.23.14 - killing me softly.
krisho: (Junhong)
killing me softly.
kyungsoo/xiumin — nc-17 — smut — bdsm(ish) themes — 2313 words
tonight, however, it's quite different.

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krisho: (Junhong)
jump start my kaleidoscope heart.
ot12; sehun/suho, kris/luhan, onesided!lay/luhan, chen/liyin, kyungsoo/xiumin, chen/girl!baekhyun, onesided!krystal/sehun, side!kai/krystal — nc-17 — angst — language, sex, [minor character death] — 52610 words
Grey's Anatomy!AU. this is the journey of five people through six years. this is the journey through life, the exploration of love, and the discovery of themselves.

author's note: if you're a med student or someone who actually understands medical things, TURN AROUND NOW. i have researched to the best of my abilities, and i've tried as hard as possible to make this realistic, but i'm not sure about everything here. i'm really sorry if there are any mistakes or things that are too unrealistic or inaccurate.

oh, we have stained these walls with our mistakes and flaws. )
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