in the best way, you'll be the death of me.
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farewell with a smile.
kris/suho — pg-15 — angst — 2648 words
longing is the most prevalent emotion in their hearts.
a/n: this is based on the situation with Kris, so if you're not comfortable with reading anything about that, I suggest you turn back now.

you made my heart flutter and look for you. )
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parallel on the other side.
baekhyun/chen, side!chanyeol/kyungsoo — pg — fluff — 8068 words
Baekhyun has no reason to believe in superstition.

i'm looking right at the other half of me. )
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kyungsoo/xiumin — g — angst — character death — 203 words
prompt: xiusoo angst (for Paski)

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kyungsoo/xiumin — pg — (pre-)smut — 265 words
prompt: anything with Kyungsoo being possessive over Minseok (for Nat)

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kyungsoo/xiumin — pg — (post-)smut — 274 words
prompt: xiusoo cuddling (for me!)

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kyungsoo/xiumin — g — fluff — 551 words

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kris/suho — g — fluff — 262 words

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in the best way, you'll be the death of me.
kris/girl!suho, side!kai/girl!xiumin — pg — fluff, angst — 20337 words
prequel to One More Chance!AU. what if love isn't enough?

author's note: this was supposed to be a full One More Chance!AU. i was supposed to finish it and post it as my gift fic for myself on my birthday. it was even supposed to be my goodbye fic; i wanted to take a break from writing so that i wouldn't get distracted while i start school. surprisingly, it still serves that purpose now.
but with all the recent events, i really don't see myself finishing this any time soon. i don't even think i'll be able to write for a while; it's all hitting me very hard with the member leaving being part of my main otp. i can't imagine writing about someone who i now see does not want to be an idol, a robot or a doll thrown into situations, forced into an image that he is not.
i'm just here to post this. i'll leave it unlocked for two weeks, and then i'm going to friend-lock it. i won't be posting or writing anything. knowing me, i will go back to writing one day. i won't lie to myself; i know i'm going to write again. just not right now. not with all that's happening.
i hope you all enjoy this fic. thank you for all the support that you've been giving me for the past few months.
EXO, 사랑하자!

i'm ready to lose everything but you. )
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