in the best way, you'll be the death of me.
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Oct.23.14 - killing me softly.
krisho: (Junhong)
killing me softly.
kyungsoo/xiumin — nc-17 — smut — bdsm(ish) themes — 2313 words
tonight, however, it's quite different.

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krisho: (Junhong)
dreams don't turn to dust.
lay/luhan, side!kyungsoo/xiumin, onesided!luhan/suho, side!suho/anonymous canadian person — pg-15 — angst — non-linear narrative, language — 54161 words
Scandal!AU. there is hope in Lu Han's eyes, and so Yixing believes. there is hope in Yixing's words, and so Lu Han follows blindly.

you know you're my saving grace. )
krisho: (Junhong)
farewell with a smile.
kris/suho — pg-15 — angst — 2648 words
longing is the most prevalent emotion in their hearts.
a/n: this is based on the situation with Kris, so if you're not comfortable with reading anything about that, I suggest you turn back now.

you made my heart flutter and look for you. )
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