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hey there c:

i'm francine from the philippines. i am thirteen fourteen fifteen!! SIXTEEN??? seventeen (how ?) years old, born at 06/12, and i have the socialization skills of an awkward seal.

i'm suho-biased and i think zhang yixing is the absolute worst (let me repeat, worst worst worst) bias list ruiner in the history of bias list ruiners. IT'S OFFICIAL. I'M YIXING BIASED.

i ship krisho more than the normal level of shipping. ((HERE HAVE THIS GIF OF GIGANTIC HANDS AND MIC SHARING))

layhan is my brotp (aka the otp that acts like they're just bffs but i still imagine them being in lalalalove), baekchen are dumbdumbs, i have started the revolution of #xiusoo2k14 and every time taohun touch/talk to/sniff each other, i die. and that happens very often. so i die very often.

i also really like cnblue, big bang, snsd, f(x) and b.a.p. bap was the only fandom i got super into before so they're the only ones i really know well. i also ship banghim from b.a.p. i ship them so hard.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LIKE INFINITE. REALLY REALLY. i'm trying to be infinite f biased, but deep inside i am lame super dorky annoyingly gorgeous kim myungsoo biased.


my writing is pretty average haha i don't know why i continue to do this.

((if you like fall out boy, sara bareilles, gabrielle aplin, high school musical, parks & recreation, the voice in the USA and crème brûlée, you are AUTOMATICALLY my friend))

((actually no))

pls comment here so i can get to know you and we can be friends weee!!

(well that was embarrassing.

i wanted to do this intro again because i'm definitely not the same person i was back in 2013-2014. i like to think that i've become waaaaaaay more mature than that kid, and i'd like to start again c:

let's rock)

hi i love zhang yixing and honestly i would sell my kidney if he told me to

look. i'm a krisho angst monster through and through. i'll probably still be writing sad fic about them when i turn 26 or something.

layhan and taohun are still life. now that all those ships are mostly angst, i keep myself happy with baekchen and chansoo + others


infinite is my actual ultimate bias group lol sorry exo (also kim myungsoo has been my Boyfriend since i was 12 and IM SO PROUD of him and his vocals i love my boy)

gfriend is love. gfriend is life.

my writing is probably the same as it was when i left the fandom in 2014 ?? idk what i expected ???? still semi-shit, semi-readable so that's not too bad i guess maybe

please don't hesitate to hit me up through comments or on social media!!

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